Friday 28 December 2012

Google AdWords

I've been running website for past 7 years and it has become quite a collection of DJ mixes and sets. This has never been a commercial project and I believe it will never become one, but so far, it is indeed the only one real website I've launched, that has some actual value to the potential visitor.

While looking through Google Analytic's statistics once again, I've found that it is very boring and hasn't changed much through the years - there are some people here in Latvia, who know this site and check it out every once in a while and there are also some rare random visitors, who stumble upon it while searching for techno tracks or something. Anyway, it's roughly about 20 unique visitors per month and at least half of them don't find what they're looking for and never come back. Not impressive.

So, I realized this is a pretty nice opportunity for testing some promotion channels like AdWords, which I've been wondering about for years. Will I be able to attract some people's attention, if I spend, say 100$ on advertising? Will I succeed in forming long-term engagement within some of those visitors? These are pretty interesting challenges and lessons learned would definitely be worth the money.

Obviously, for this experiment to work, first I need to spend some time and get the Substance website jazzed up a little. I've got to eliminate some annoying CSS issues, probably pick better background image and write up some About section to make the webpage memorable. Also RSS link needs to be much more visible, as it is one of the most promising instruments for getting people to come back.

Once this is done, I'm going to launch small advertisement campaign and share the results here.

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