Tuesday 28 February 2012

"A Theory Of Fun For Game Design" Book Notes

Very odd thing, I've actually read a book recently, without even being ill or travelling a long distance, which are the usual cases I fallback to using this form of media.

The book was "A Theory Of Fun For Game Design" by Raph Koster. It is a very well written, easy-to-read material on how human perception works, what do people consider being fun, how games can be fun and finally how to design games right.

I felt like it's very important to not forget about these things, so I wrote down some of the most important excerpts and took notes. Naturally, if you're interested, I highly recommend reading the whole thing and hopefully this post will not turn out as a copyright infringement of some sort. Here it goes:

Monday 27 February 2012

The Dongle Nonsense

I've been spending some time recently working on my audio setup, figuring out what is the best way to utilize all my hardware and software, both for everyday use at home and for live performances at gigs.

Part of the plan was to find the perfect combination of legitimate software components, even if this would mean to buy some of them. I do already own a stripped down version of WaveLab and an iZotope Ozone 4 plugin. Both of them use different tricky authorization procedures, but still, downloading, installing and figuring out the activation takes few minutes.

Now, when I watched some of the Reason 6 feature videos, I was pretty impressed by all the new features. It's  still pretty costly, but it seemed that the software might even be worth it. Until I discovered that it requires a dongle or an active internet connection to operate!

Thursday 23 February 2012

About This Blog

The idea of creating my own blog has been residing in my brain for years, but I couldn't ever figure out the exact form it should take. 

What language do I choose? Which one's of my several interests should I cover? What relation, if any, do I introduce with my substance.org.lv project? What exactly would be the goal and is it actually worth it?

Today I finally decided, that I shall try. I believe that transforming my thoughts into text form will help me shape them, evolve the ideas in my head and share the results with people who might be interested.

I chose English, as this will be the most challenging for me to use. It also seems to be the only language, that everybody understands at least a little bit.

I decided that I will write about any subject that is bogging me. By assigning proper labels, I should be able to manage my posts, maybe split them into separate blogs or delete some part of them in future.

So.. while writing this initial post, I've done a good job on figuring out what will this blog be about and that's a pretty good start.