Friday 23 March 2012

Mercurial SCM on Dropbox

Mercurial is a simple distributed source control management tool. I won't discuss the necessity of using source control for any kind of software development.

I also won't compare it to other source control systems (Quick note: for a large multi-developer project you might want to figure out git, as it outperforms Mercurial in almost every way, except maybe the simplicity).

The basic tutorial on using Mercurial is also already written by Joel Spolsky at

This post is only a quick reference about, how you can start using it right away and share small proof-of-concept type projects between several computers (in case you are like me, geeky enough to do this kind of stuff in your spare time).

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Audio Encoding Formats - MP3, OGG, FLAC?

No doubt, mp3 has been the most popular audio format for passing around audio files for years. I've used this format at, usually, at 160-192 kbit/s for mixes and 256 kbit/s for tracks.

Recently, however, I've started to think about other alternatives.

Thursday 15 March 2012

Reason 6

So, I've bought Reason 6 after all.

Few things to note, that may interest other potential buyers:

It can be used right away without waiting for The Dongle to arrive.
However, you have to install special Code Meter software, which causes an annoying Administration Rights dialog to pop up on every Windows start.

Another thing, using "Internet Verification", you have to enter your username and password every time you start Reason. There is no "Remember password" check-box. This is quite stupid, as even all the online poker game clients have "Remember password" option and they are dealing with real money!

Now, after the dongle arrived few days later (and took up last free USB port on the back of my computer), these annoying issues seem to be less disturbing, of course.