Wednesday 9 May 2012

Recording Parties Using Roland R-26

Recording DJ sets from parties has always been a pain. Several techniques have been tried over the years and roughly speaking, my success rate at doing this might be somewhere about 50%.

The simplest solution - recording using a laptop is a subject to recording software issues, hard drive failures from vibrations, sound card hang-ups and what not.

At some point I've also tried small iRiver mp3 player/recorder. However, it's memory size allowed to only record couple of hours of mp3, not enough to record whole evenings and not really the best quality. Also, if battery would run out dry during recording, it sometimes caused recorded files to turn up empty.

I've been looking at Edirol R-09 for years, as it seemed that this was a defacto recorder for professional use. One of my concerns was that it is really old model and some other devices could probably have better features for the price. Last November I decided to make myself an early Christmas present and pick a recorder that would solve the recording issue once and for all.

Friday 4 May 2012

Direct Democracy

I've never liked politics. Anecdotes about USSR's leaders and all the crazy things I've seen on TV have put me off at an early age. I saw politicians mostly as anti-social human beings, manipulative, lying, driven entirely by lust for power and money.

I've grown to believe, that representative democracy, despite being widely considered as the least bad social structure, just doesn't work right. It can't work, because, at it's core is the principle of elections of the representatives by voting. And linear voting just can't work right, as it favors those candidates, that have the most ambition and ability to deceive and trick people into voting for them. Therefore, corrupt, shady and selfish government is inevitable.

Nowadays, Internet and various Internet-based phenomenons like Linux, torrents, Wikipedia have proven that decentralized, open, collaboration-based approach is extremely powerful.