Monday 31 December 2012

Upgrading to Windows 8 - Part 2

Since my first attempt, I've heard from couple of people, that they've successfully upgraded their machines to the Windows 8, so I tried to do this again. Now, in late December, upgrade assistant finally accepted my billing information and I was good to go.

First problem I faced was lack of disk space on my laptop's drive. Somehow Vista had managed to take up about 40 GB of space and I was unable to free up the required 16 GB to do the smooth upgrade.

Since there was nothing valuable on this drive, I burned Windows 8 installation DVD and allowed it to format it. All and all installation took me one evening, mostly because I was doing some other things in parallel on the stationary PC.

Friday 28 December 2012

Google AdWords

I've been running website for past 7 years and it has become quite a collection of DJ mixes and sets. This has never been a commercial project and I believe it will never become one, but so far, it is indeed the only one real website I've launched, that has some actual value to the potential visitor.

While looking through Google Analytic's statistics once again, I've found that it is very boring and hasn't changed much through the years - there are some people here in Latvia, who know this site and check it out every once in a while and there are also some rare random visitors, who stumble upon it while searching for techno tracks or something. Anyway, it's roughly about 20 unique visitors per month and at least half of them don't find what they're looking for and never come back. Not impressive.