Thursday 23 February 2012

About This Blog

The idea of creating my own blog has been residing in my brain for years, but I couldn't ever figure out the exact form it should take. 

What language do I choose? Which one's of my several interests should I cover? What relation, if any, do I introduce with my project? What exactly would be the goal and is it actually worth it?

Today I finally decided, that I shall try. I believe that transforming my thoughts into text form will help me shape them, evolve the ideas in my head and share the results with people who might be interested.

I chose English, as this will be the most challenging for me to use. It also seems to be the only language, that everybody understands at least a little bit.

I decided that I will write about any subject that is bogging me. By assigning proper labels, I should be able to manage my posts, maybe split them into separate blogs or delete some part of them in future.

So.. while writing this initial post, I've done a good job on figuring out what will this blog be about and that's a pretty good start.

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