Sunday 20 October 2013

Coursera - Introduction to Music Production by Loudon Stearns

For roughly last ten years my hobbies have been electronic music production and DJ-ing. Since I don't have any formal musical or sound engineering education, it has been a never-ending quest to get everything to sound right. Actually, the learning process itself has been the thing keeping it all interesting for all these years.

Last week I assigned to a "Introduction to Music Production by Loudon Stearns" course on Coursera to fill in the gaps in my knowledge about sound physics, hardware and software tools used in common studios.

I believe I am better at expressing my thoughts in the form of writing than by giving speeches, so I intend to use this blog for my weekly assignments.

Topic for my first week's assignment will be "Typical recording signal flow using your own equipment", so short description of my setup will appear here shortly.

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